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July 21, 2021

What Are the Popular Themes For Preschool Summer Camp Curriculum?

Kids love to perform fun activities in the summer afternoons. This is why summer days are best for hosting a preschool summer camp curriculum. Summer indeed comes with its challenges for the teachers. They get busy planning the best themes for the kids that will interest them and keep them engaged the entire camp period. Summer camp is the perfect time for kids to explore their interests and learn new things about each other. They not only get to know new things about themselves but also their community. There is a list of fun themes that the preschoolers would love to participate in and their teachers. Some of the best themes for lesson plans for kids are as follows.

Around the World

Kids are always intrigued by new things and places around them. They love to share stories of their travels and other places they have visited. ‘Around the world’, the theme could be a great activity for them, where they can share their travel stories and learn new things about each place. For instance, you can ask them to narrate their experience while travelling in an aeroplane, visiting different places, their likes and dislikes. This theme helps the kids to explore faraway places and learn new things while locating places on the map.

Beach Side and Seashells

Coastal regions are the best places for kids to have fun. They get to enjoy the perfect field trip and get to learn about new textures and creatures. If you are not around any coastal region for the kids to visit, you can make sensory play recipes. You mix ingredients like flour and crushed coffee in the sensory play recipe to make it look like beach sand. Most preschools opt for this play recipe as kids get an idea about the texture of the sand. You can also insert small plastic sea creatures on the sand and a splash of water near the sand tray. However, on the beach, kids get accustomed to seashells as well. Kids get to learn how seashells are formed and the aquatic animals that live in them. This is one of the best fun themes for children.

Butterflies, Bees and Bugs

This theme is exactly what its name suggests, that is, learning about insects and their kinds. You can ask children to make paper flowers and insects and make them aware of different kinds of bugs. For instance, you can talk about bees and how hardworking they are. They can do paper crafts while you tell them about these busy helpers. You can help them understand the differences and similarities between bugs and insects. This way, their interests in animals and insects will grow and help them learn new things.

These are some of the best themes for kids to explore at summer curriculum camps. Several services have adopted these themes for the betterment of the kids at camps. If you are looking for such a childcare centre, then surely turn to Klorious Kids and their team of professionals. They take great care of kids and help them learn new things for all-round growth and development.

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