We are in the process of expanding and creating more childcare spaces so there is a very good chance that you will be able to enroll!

Enrollment Process

we have made enrollment as easy as we could. Filling out the registration application does not guarantee a spot but will get your child on the waitlist.

Just follow the steps below to register your child and put them on the waitlist.


Step 1 Test

Get to know us better. Check out our About Us page if you haven’t. Read our Frequently Asked Questions for a little more info.  Arrange to tour our beautiful facilities

Step 2

Fill out our online application form

Step 3

Pay the $100 non-refundable application fee per child. Payment can be done by cash , cheques  or etranfer to

Step 4

After the payment of the application fee. You will get a confirmation email that you are in our system. We will call you as spots open up to ask if you would like to take that specific spot for your little one

Step 5

once a spot is available You will get a call and an email congratulating you that your child is accepted into our program. The email will ask you to pay the deposit fee and the first month’s tuition. payment can be done by cash, cheques  or etranfer


This now 100% guarantees you a spot. Welcome to our school! You will get a parent handbook emailed to you about our school and our policies. Please read this in detail and ask questions

Downtown Center: For Registration Please Click Here

Tower 1 Learning Center: Registration Please Click Here