Our Program

Social/Emotional Development
One of the most important aspects of our program is the emphasis on giving children the confidence to gain independence through successfully achieving self-help tasks such as doing up buttons, putting on shoes, toileting and opening lunches. Children are encouraged to verbally express their needs and wants and to use words during situations of conflict. Social and emotional development also consists of learning to separate from family, sharing and taking turns, responsibility for own actions, and making and maintaining friendships with others.

Physical / Gross Motor development
Observing the development of children’s large muscle groups during outdoor play time as children climb a variety of obstacles, play chasing and running games, throw a ball in a hoop, kick a ball or dig a big hole in the sandpit

Fine Motor
Participation in activities such as utilising scissors to cut around and over a variety of different lines, learning to hold a pencil in the correct grip, threading a variety of different sized beads, rolling and kneading play dough and other such activities all assist in strengthening the small muscles in the fingers which is an important pre-cursor in the development of hand writing.

Intellectual/ Cognitive Development
Remembering, recalling information, sequencing time, events, sizes, naming colours and shapes, recognizing names and numbers, concentration, ability to sit in group time without disturbing others, ability to follow directions and persistence to complete a task.

Language Development
Answering questions in group time, expressing ideas/opinions in group time, speaking in full sentences, telling a story to the group, recognition of environmental print, following and maintaining a conversation.