Low Teacher To Children Ratio

The centre is licensed for 36 children and consists of one infants’ room, toddlers’ room and preschoolers’ room. Our priority is providing full-time care, but part-time care is sometimes possible when there are families who can match spaces.

The infants’ room care to 4 to 8 infants between 12 months and 18 months of age with ratio 1 teacher to 4 infants

Our toddlers’ room cares for 10 to 11 children between ages 19 months and 3 years with a minimum of two teachers, and our preschoolers’ room care for 14-16 children between ages 3 years to 5 years old with a minimum of two teachers.

Low ratios mean that there are more teachers looking after fewer students. There is a mandated ratio for how many children one person can look after. This is set and enforced by the government.


Why is this good for your family?

This is great for your family because your child will get more attention then if there were more children or less teachers per class. This leads to better safety, better interactions and better learning moments. We do not believe in jamming as many children as we can fit into our school. We would rather hire more staff and have fewer students so that the quality of care is very high and that you get the very best your child deserves.

Experienced Child Care Educators

Our nurturing, culturally diverse child care educators work to create an environment where all children and families feel welcomed and included. They are actively involved in developing and demonstrating wise practice; that is, bringing together the best of early childhood practice and the best of cultural practice