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January 10, 2020

How Daycare in Fort McMurray Helps in Communication Skills

If you are a working parent with children in daycare, you might have received a share of judgement who think that kids should only be cared by their parents.

Daycare is a reality for many who should work to support their families. There are also many proven benefits for kids who go to daycare.

If you ever regret about this decision, check these 5 perks for your child that come from going to daycare in Fort McMurray.

Prepare for School

The little ones will have to leave the nest for school sooner or later. If you have already been going to daycare for a while by the time preschool or kindergarten rolls around, then the transition of leaving the home will be easier.

The children who attend daycare perform better when they get to the school.

By the age of 5, kids who attended childcare programs has stronger reading and math skills than who attended home based care programs.

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Better Communicators

Daycare offers a great opportunity for children who socialize at a young age and it help them to learn communication skills also.

It is found that kids in daycare have an improved ability to adjust its non-verbal communication to take into account the age of the person they are playing with.

Helps to Reduce Infections Later

It may seem like children pick up bugs constantly wile in daycare and those will get a reprieve later in life.

According to a study, kids who attend large group childcare centers before age 3.5 get more ear and respiratory infections than those who cared at home, but they are less likely to get them once they enter the elementary school.

There is never a good time for your kid to feel unwell, the argument can be made that it is less convenient as being sick means missing school and learning.

Help The Kids Try Healthier Foods

Kids in daycare were more willing to try nutritious foods if the staff as well ate the same food.

It helps them when those staff talked with kids about healthy foods they were eating.

A willingness to try some more food can pay off over time when the parents try to introduce foods in meals.

Kids are Likely To Go On To Earn College Degrees

According to a research, adults who had been enrolled as infants in a high quality children program were more likely to have earned a college degree and were also likely to remain consistently employed.

Klorious kids is an established childcare facility and we offer you and your child the best of the day care industry has to offer. A careful research and planning has gone into every detail to make sure your child gets the most of their time with us.

We believe that the children should be provided with healthy, educational, caring, safe, stimulating and family oriented environment that reflects the warm nurturing and friendly atmosphere of home.

To provide and promote licensed, high quality, affordable, and accessible early learning and child care programs to meet the needs of children and families in Fort McMurray.

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